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Improving battery recycling through automation

CEO Tommi Karjalainen from AkkuSer Oy and CEO Matti Tikanmäki from Probot Oy share their experiences on the pilot project aiming to improve the identifying and the sorting of batteries through automation.

Associate Professor Martin Choux from University of Agder presents how pre-processing of automotive batteries is developed in LIBRES project.

Project Manager Risto Rova from Ylivieska Business Center introduces the development of battery recycling innovation park in EU-project and R&D Developer Jari Pihlajamäki from Centria UAS will go through how better solutions for battery disassembly are developed for the battery recycling park with the aid of digitalization.

AIKA 5.5.2021 14:00 - 15:30
PAIKKA Microsoft Teams
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